Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TEI Wednesday Tip for 2/12

New Math TEI Flipchart! 

Grade 3 Rounding

After this last round of benchmarks, I decided it was time to refocus on designing some flipcharts that would reinforce math content that students are struggling with or just need a different way of engaging with the standards. Having taught third grade for many years, I love the third grade content and saw that rounding needed some more attention. The time for teachers to look on the Internet is stretched so thin, so I wanted to do the legwork for them and revisit online resources for rounding. I was so pleased at how creative teachers are sharing their work online. I think you will enjoy the variety of resources that are included in this flipchart. 
I encourage those of you who don't have a Promethean board in your classroom to still use the flipchart as a tool for "thoughtfully engaged" guided instruction. If you have a regular dry erase whiteboard and a wireless mouse, you can make this flipchart engaging and interactive for your students. If you teach a grade other than third, you might want to also give it a look as it could be useful for differentiating instruction.

Here's to another day of "thoughtfully engaged instruction."

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