Thursday, February 28, 2013

Reading Make It - Take - It TEI

This flipchart is a compilation of all English SOL practice TEI items for grades 3-8.  Each sample item is followed with a page containing a blank template of the sample. Each page is formatted with tools that are found on the VA SOL online practice test. Sample items can be adapted for various grade levels and content areas. I am excited about the design of this flipchart. With each one, I learn more about what a powerful took ActivInspire is for creating and designing.
One tip if you are learning how to use ActivInspire. I have found it tricky to know if Design Mode is blue or red so I came up with this little rhyme. Red to Edit and Blue to View.

Reading Make It - Take It - TEI Flipchart

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Make It - Take It Templates

I am pleased to post my first "Make It - Take It - TEI" math flipchart. My idea was to create a flipchart which is formatted to resemble the layout used with the online SOL practice items. I also wanted to include a real sample for each of the template pages so that you can see how these can be adapted to many different levels of learning.
Here is the link to the Math Make It - Take It - TEI flipchart. You can also find it on the Math Template page. These templates only open if you have ActivInspire software on your computer.

Please feel free to email me if you have questions about accessing the flipcharts.

More to come!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What is TEI?

The state of Virginia identifies TEI as technology enhanced items. These are items that are part of SOL testing which include more rigorous thinking and higher levels of processing information. I like to think of TEI as "thoughtfully engaged instruction". When we engage our students in TEI, we are teaching them to T-think flexibly, E-engage purposefully and I-increase in rigor!

TEI is a result of carefully planned instruction that includes ongoing assessment for learning. While practicing sample items will familiarize students with the mechanics of TEI question types, the more important practice is building learning to include "live" TEI where students use divergent and convergent thinking skills. TEI happens when we include multiple opportunities to search, sort, create and communicate information in innovative and probing ways!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Welcome to TEI

With an increased emphasis on using TEI (technology enhanced) items on the VA SOL test, I have started designing this website for K-6 teachers where they can not only find TEI templates, but can use them for "thoughtfully engaged instruction."
These flipcharts are all created using ActivInspire software. They can be used in the classroom with a Promethean Board as well as in a computer lab setting. The software makes creating technology enhanced instruction possible for teachers. For those interested in creating their own flipcharts, I am providing helpful notes for making this process painless and productive.
Check back to see what new flipcharts have been added!

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