Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TEI Tuesday Tip for 9/24

Our school has launched TEI Tuesday. The purpose of TEI Tuesday is to intentionally engage your students in the kinds of thinking and rigor used in the TEI (technology enhanced items) questions.

Need a quick look at the kinds of TEI questions your students might be asked? Take a look at the sample math, reading, writing TEI items in these pdf documents.

Grades 3-7 Sample Math TEI Questions
Grades 3-8 Sample Reading-Writing TEI Questions & Paper Templates

Let's start by knowing where to find TEI resources on the Sealston website. If you haven't explored the Websites for Staff page, http://kgcs.k12.va.us/ses/staff_websites.htm, take a few minutes today to see the wealth of instructional resource links. Among the links are ones that our instructional leaders, LJ Darcy and Fanya Morton, have worked on developing. I started this blog last year, which will continue to expand this year.

Make sure you sign up for Teacher Direct, http://www.doe.virginia.gov/testing/teacher_direct/index.shtml, from the DOE. You will receive SOL related information throughout the year.

Most importantly, start discussing among your grade level, how you can start getting your students to think beyond one right answer.

Here's to a great day of "thoughtfully engaged instruction"!

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