Reading TEI

Get a quick overview of the kinds of reading and writing TEI questions students are expected to answer:
Grades 3-8 sample reading-writing TEI questions and paper TEI templates in pdf format



Reading Practice Flipcharts


Reading Make It - Take It TEI 


Reading Flipcharts Based on Specific Text

Social Studies Flipcharts with TEI Question Types


  1. Great resource!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. These are fantastic!! I really needed a jumping off point to get going! Thank you for all of the work you have put into this!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Exactly what I was looking for.

  4. These are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. These are great!! I am a Reading Specialist in VA and would love to create some flipcharts. How did you hyperlink the reading passages to show on one page?

    Thanks again!!

    1. Go to the RED Edit mode. The reading passages are all layered. The ability to bring them forward is through the ACTION BROWSER. If you click on the p1, p2, etc. objects, you will see the action BRING TO FRONT applied to each page.
      If you would like more info., feel free to email me,
      I am happy to share!


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