TEI: Google & The Answer Pad

Video: How to Create Self Grading Assessments Using the Updated Version of Google Forms

I created an assessment using Google Forms, where there were two correct answers, to simulate the TEI action of selecting multiple answers. It worked and it was easy!

Do you know what kinds of TEI questions your students are expected to answer? Be aware by looking at the SOL TEI practice items from the VA DOE website.
Remember, thoughtfully engaged instruction is an integrated process of learning taxonomies.

The Answer Pad: Student Dialogue System

Accompanying app: TAPit

I absolutely LOVE the potential this website has for teachers! The Answer Pad tool is free for 1 teacher and 36 students in ONE class. Students can use the TAPit Free iPad app, or log in to TheAnswerPad.com using a browser on any device. The Interactive feature allows you to use this tool to engage students instantly using a variety of question formats. You can even use graphic organizers and other images for formative assessment. Check it out!

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  1. Sharon, thanks so much for the mention! Just a quick update- the free version is now 200 students in up to 8 groups!- Anna from The Answer Pad (TAP)


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