Monday, March 17, 2014

TEI Tuesday Tip for 3/18

Fractions: They're a Coming Round the Corner!

Who would have expected snow on St. Patrick's Day! Despite the lack of green shamrocks and clover in my yard, I am here at home thinking about spring and I reminded that  fractions are already blooming at school. Fractions are a challenge to teach and for so many students, a big obstacle for learning. What can we do to help them visualize fractions and understand how they are a natural part of numbers in our world?

If you haven't checked out the Visual Fractions website, it's a must! The site map shows how the Visual Fractions website is organized. In addition, you will find links to fun games, worksheets and even a "Fraction Designer Page", where you can design your own fraction examples with circle or line models.

One of my favorite teaching tools is ActivInspire. It allows you to design creative learning resources that are tailored to the needs of your students. I am including a new fractions flipchart that models many of the released items from the VA DOE website. This flipchart is meant to be a teaching tool where you can engage your students in building their understanding of fraction concepts. Although it is aligned with grade 3, other grade levels may find it helpful for remediation.

When I think back on my classroom teaching years, I always used food to help students see and taste fractions! The KGCS math division specialist, Fanya Morton, has shared a few "tasty" fraction lesson ideas, which I am also including. You are sure to get your students' attention at the mention of food!

Sharing Brownies (Grade 1-2)
Jelly Bean Fractions
Jelly Bean Decimals
Fractions and Something's Fishy Game

Grade 3 Fraction Flipchart (New)

Here's to another day of "thoughtfully engaged instruction" ... and green fields of clover!

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