Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TEI Tuesday Tip for 10/1

It's TEI Tuesday!! Time for a new TEI tip!
Attached is a flipchart with sample math TEI questions for grades 2-6. These questions are aligned with quarter one math SOLs. This flipchart opens in ActivInspire. ActivInspire is a wonderful, interactive program that can be used even if you don't have a Promethean Board.
Perhaps my best tip this week is my recent experience with using a wireless mouse. This very handy tool allows you complete freedom to walk around and observe your students when you are presenting information on your computer with your LCD projector. Of course, I believe one day we will have rooms equipped with interactive whiteboards.....but, until then, why not purchase an inexpensive wireless mouse? I bought a $12 mouse and it worked great (minus the few times it dropped) My coordination has since improved as I "walk and mouse". If you happen to be in the computer lab, you have the added bonus of being able to see what your students are doing on their computer screens, without being tied to the "teacher computer".
Using a wireless mouse, you can project these sample items and navigate through the flipchart. Try passing the mouse to students for them to answer. Of course, you can also recreate these items with paper, however, I believe it is always good practice to have them see the formatting as it appears on testing programs.
I am always happy for feedback after your use a flipchart.
Here's to a great day of "thoughtfully engaged instruction"!

TEI Tuesday Flipchart 001

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